Chromebook FAQs

My Chromebook is locked up nothing will work, what do I do?
Hold down the Refresh button and tap the power button. ONLY perform this operation if nothing else will work.

My Chromebook isn't pulling up the logon screen, what do I do?
Click down by the clock and make sure that it says Connected to SB Staff, SB 7-9 Device, or SB 10-12 Device. If it says Connected to SB then click on on it and select the appropriate network. If it asks for a password see Mr. MacKinney, Mr. Jacobs, or Mrs. Armbruster.

The battery on my Chromebook isn't staying charged, what do I do?
Make sure you are plugging it in every night before school.
Don't leave it plugged in all weekend, 8 hours is the maximum time you should leave them plugged in.
When you won't be using your Chromebook for a while shut it down don't just close the lid.
If your student Chromebook is lasting less than 6 hours on a charge see Mr. MacKinney.