Enrollment Information

Please click on the link for the grade that your child will be in. This contains most of the files necessary to enroll you child in school at South Barber. These packets are provided for your convenience. 

*Full packets will be available at the school buildings on enrollment days.

If you're enrolling in our district for the first time please fill out this form. Please let the office staff know you've already completed it when you arrive at the school.

2022-2023 Enrollment Dates and Times

PreK - August 5th, 8AM-4PM
K-6 - August 3rd-4th, 8AM-4PM

Seniors - August 3rd, 8AM-10AM
Juniors - August 3rd,  10AM-Noon
Sophomores - August 4th, 8AM-Noon
Freshmen - August 4th, 6PM (Orientation and Enrollment)
8th Grade - August 5th, 8AM-10AM
7th Grade - August 5th, 6PM (Orientation and Enrollment)

Enrollment Packets