Digital Library Resources

Below you will find a link where parents/students can visit and read a book found in Epic's online library. This site is available 7:00am-3:00pm Monday through Friday only when school is in session. This can be used if your child is absent one day and might not have a library book to read at home. Find your child's teacher listed below and follow the link. You will need the access code to enter the site. Epic Books

Preschool: Mrs. Doherty:  agm0891

Kindergarten Mrs. Rooks: cyt2285

1st Grade Mrs. Donaldson: stx6670

2nd Grade Mrs. Ricke: mkr5618

3rd Grade Mrs. Trear:  zrl2785   (the “l” is the letter l)

4th Grade Mrs. Brattin: njb1174

5th Grade Ms. Roberts: ksk6518

If your child would like to read a book outside those time limits then you can sign up for the FREE version that will limit you to reading one book per day. It is quick and easy to do.

Epic Basic

Epic is available on any web browser (laptop or desktop computer) or the Epic app on any iOS or Android device.