Tips and Tricks

If you're having issues watching our events on you've come to the right page.

Video won't play or keeps buffering

The first thing to note is that each event is it's own separate video and it does NOT automatically switch to the next event. Make sure to go back to the South Barber page on NFHS Network and click on the current event.

Events typically begin streaming about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Due to the fact that sporting events can very greatly in time from game to game we try to schedule each game from the earliest possible time to the latest possible time. This means that you may watch a girls basketball game and after it's over the boys basketball game may start but freeze part way through. This is because the girls scheduled time is over and that stream has ended.

Is it an away game?

If it's an away game it is possible that the hosting school does not have adequate internet or cell service for us to be able to stream the event with good quality. We will try our best to find adequate service but sometimes it just isn't possible.

Is the Internet speed on your device fast enough?

Streaming the video to your device requires a fast and stable Internet connection. To test your Internet connection speed you can go to on your device and test your speed. 2Mbps is the slowest speed that is supported and will probably not provide a good experience. You really want numbers above 5 or 10Mbps. If the numbers are provided in Kbps your stream will not work.

If you are watching on a wireless device where you are in your house can have a significant impact on your connection speed. Try moving closer to your router or access point and testing again.

If you're watching it on your phone you can try switching turning off your Wifi.

Is your device running slow?

Watching live video can be difficult for older devices or devices that are infected with viruses and/or malware. If you have trouble on one device but can watch it on another you might need to get your device serviced or replaced.

For more help with NFHS Network visit their support page by Clicking Here.